They landed!

Shalom all! This is Betsalel, director of the Ramah Israel Institute that brought the school to Israel – against all odds! As you all know, the 31 intrepid adventurers landed in Ben Gurion Airport at 9.30 am, and the entire airport experience was as smooth as we could have hoped for. The group went to Jerusalem to the dorm on the Chavat Hanoar Hatzioni, and settled into their home for the next 10 days, had orientation, time with the madrichim, meals, and are now heading to bed after a long day. As I said to them: you don’t control the situations life gives you, you only control how you react to the situation. We are in bidud (quarantine) and will make the best of it because – magically – we are in Jerusalem and going to sleep there!

Pictures will be added daily!

At the airport
Heading down to the dorm
Entering the dorm
Home sweet home
Chilling outside…
…Or inside

Published by Rochelle Zell Jewish High School

This blog will follow the Senior Israel Trip of the RZJHS Class of 2021. Check back daily for updates of the experience.

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